Current Officers Responsibilities
Steve Stuart
Class of 1963
Preside at all meetings, appoint all committees necessary to carry on the activities of the Association and to see the work of the Association is carried out.
President Elect:
Preside in the absence of the President and perform other duties as the President directs.
Vice President Elect:
Begins duties in 2016.
Susan Hobbs Griffith
Class of 1964
Keep minutes of all meetings, inform members of the annual meeting and send other communications as directed by the President.
Gary Benson
Class of 1961
Keep records of all financial transactions.
Bonnie Runyan Morris
Class of 1969
Keep records of addresses of all alumni.
Committee Members: Perfom duties as assigned by the President.
DiAnn Shuler Bussard
Class of 1970
Rebecca Van Riper Head
Class of 1960
Reservations and registration at the annual banquet.
Fred Schultz
Class of 1957
Sparky Colliday
Class of 1957
Supervise the alumni annual trip.
Banquet Chairperson Supervise the preparation of the annual banquet.
Scholarship Chairperson Supervise the granting of all scholarships.

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